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We Love Galley Bay for Your Destination Wedding

Why Antigua? If you have read our LuxeCarib: The Lavish Lifestyle Guide to Luxury in Antigua, you know why we love Antigua. Pristine white-sand beaches, 365, one for every day of the year, make Antigua one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The exquisite coral-ringed island is the largest in the country. Boasting

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A Travel Agent is Better Than a Travel Site

A Travel Agent Is Better Than a Travel Site Discount Travel Site? After hours and hours of Internet searching and scouring reviews, you’ve finally found the perfect trip at the lowest price on a travel discount site, you click Purchase…and then what? What if you have questions about transportation from the airport to the resort?

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Turks & Caicos Resorts for Every Traveler

Turks & Caicos Resorts for Every Traveler Turks and Caicos islands are a quick flight away from the US East Coast, making it very attractive to many people. Not to mention, Turks and Caicos’ claim to fame…Grace Bay Beach. If you are a beach enthusiast, this should be your next stop. Offering everything from luxury

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Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

What You Should Know When Planning the Perfect Honeymoon If you’re planning a wedding, right now you are likely overwhelmed with the details — choosing napkin colors, caterers, making sure Aunt Martha is seated far enough away from Uncle Bob. There might be many decisions that you decide to push off for now, but don’t

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Best of the Main Line 2020

In July, The Tropical Travelers was voted Best of the Main Line 2020 Travel Agency by readers of Main Line Today, a long-running regional magazine which focuses on Philadelphia’s Main Line and Western suburbs. This is a tremendous honor for The Tropical Travelers and is a testament to the agency’s dedication to delivering clients luxury

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Our Hottest Honeymoon Secrets and Surprises

We have been planning honeymoons since 2001. In that time, we have planned hundreds of once-in-a-lifetime trips for couples and have learned a lot about what makes a romantic, successful honeymoon. Planning a wedding is hard, the honeymoon shouldn’t be. Here are a few of the secrets we’ve learned through the years that will ensure

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