Our Hottest Honeymoon Secrets and Surprises

Our Hottest Honeymoon Secrets and Surprises

We have been planning honeymoons since 2001. In that time, we have planned hundreds of once-in-a-lifetime trips for couples and have learned a lot about what makes a romantic, successful honeymoon. Planning a wedding is hard, the honeymoon shouldn’t be. Here are a few of the secrets we’ve learned through the years that will ensure your trip is the most memorable of your life.

Let the world know you’re on your honeymoon: Do you remember that episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler were on their honeymoon but kept missing out on free stuff because the couple just ahead of them kept announcing they were on their honeymoon? Well, that’s really a thing. It’s a well-kept secret that telling people you are on your honeymoon can make it more romantic and get you a lot of extras. Many hotels will upgrade your room, restaurants will give you the most romantic table with the ocean view, you can get great discounts or free gifts. Pack a copy of your marriage license for verification but announce your love to the world.

Create a honeymoon registry: While you are registering for wedding gifts, consider looking into a honeymoon registry. Just like with wedding gifts, your guests can visit your honeymoon registry site and purchase your gift. Honeymoon registries can include things like a romantic dinner at a special restaurant near your hotel, a bottle of champagne delivered to your room, a couple’s massage or an exotic adventure like scuba diving lessons or parasailing. Your guests will love giving you something more unique and memorable than a toaster.

Take pictures, lots of them: Taking pictures isn’t really a secret but many couples forget or just don’t bother. You are really going to want them later, particularly years later. Pictures are memory captures that stay with you forever. Your friends and family will want to share in your experiences and you are going to want something to show your kids and grandkids. Two critical tips: 1) HAVE SOMEONE TAKE PICTURES OF THE TWO OF YOU TOGETHER. Beach and landscape pictures are beautiful but we want to see you enjoying your trip together. 2) Leave the social media posting until you get home. Stay off social media altogether and just enjoy each other. You can Instagram all you want when you get home.

Plan some surprises for your spouse: Pack surprise gifts for every day of your trip. Put love notes in his pants pockets to find or in her make-up bag. Schedule a couple’s massage or a romantic dinner on the beach. If your significant other is a culture or history buff, look into museums or local cultural activities. Maybe have a special gift waiting in the room for your beloved. Remember this trip is all about making memories.

Create a soundtrack of your trip: Music is one of the great memory triggers. You know when you hear that one song from high school you are right back there at the football games or the prom. Those are the kind of memories you want to create on your honeymoon. Put together a playlist of songs that are special to you as a couple, songs you listened to while dating, songs from your wedding and play it on your trip. These songs will be special to you for a lifetime and every time you hear one it will spark the memories from the beginning of your life together.

Leave at least one day to regroup before returning to work: We cannot stress this enough. You will be exhausted after planning and executing the perfect wedding and then traveling. You will need at least one day to rest, unpack and settle in to your new life as a couple before jumping back into work. Plan to return home at least one or two days before you run out of vacation time.

Get help with the planning: Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times in your life. But your honeymoon doesn’t have to be stressful as well. Have a vacation specialist to plan it for you. The experts know the best places for couples to stay and the no-miss places to see. Well-connected vacation specialists already have relationships with premium hotels and can get you the best deals. They will know what locations require a passport, what the weather is like and the best things to bring with you. True specialists have already been there and can help you navigate the ins and outs of whatever destination you choose.

Honeymoons are truly our specialty. Honeymoon trends are what we read about, what we talk about and what we dream about. Our focus is to match you with the perfect place for you and your new spouse to be spoiled, pampered and begin your new life together. Contact us by phone at 1-800-479-0949 or visit our website to begin planning your trip of a lifetime. Your tropical paradise does exist and we know where to find it.