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We’ll help you plan and coordinate every detail of your dream destination wedding with ease, from choosing the perfect location and venue to arranging travel and accommodations for your guests, when you book your Destination Wedding with The Tropical Travelers. We take wedding planning so seriously that we have an entire division just dedicated to weddings! One Love Destination Weddings is our custom location for all things tropical weddings! Headed up by veteran Tropical Traveler, Jenn Carr, One Love is all about curating beautiful, one-of-a-kind tropical wedding experiences. The kind of experiences you’ve ever only dreamed of…this can be your reality when you work with a seasoned tropical wedding designer like our very own Jenn Carr and her team of wedding experts.

How to get started with booking:

Our favorite Wedding Destinations

With so many options, how do you choose? Our Destination Wedding Coordinators plan weddings all day, every day. They also travel to the destinations and resorts, talk with the on-site wedding teams, roam the properties in search of the best garden wedding spot, the most beautiful gazebos, the perfect sky wedding locations and the ever famous beach wedding. They know how to match you with the perfect location based on your vision.


Cancun/Riviera Maya


St. Lucia

Punta Cana

Turks & Caicos


Los Cabos


Common Questions

A true all-inclusive is a resort that charges one upfront cost for your vacation. It includes your accommodations, meals, unlimited drinks (including alcohol), activities, entertainment, and gratuities.  Some even have free wedding packages! It makes it an affordable option for both you and your guests.

All-inclusive resorts offer one-stop shopping for your Wedding.  You won’t need to go searching for a caterer, a Minister, a cake or décor. Instead, the onsite wedding planners will handle all of the details. 

Yes! A Legal ceremony in another country will be valid in the United States. However, every country has its own set of legal requirements, including blood tests, submitting paperwork before arrival, residency terms that require you to arrive at the Hotel a certain number of days before the wedding day and obtaining a marriage license.

Alternatively, you can choose to have a “Symbolic” wedding ceremony at the destination. With this option, you do not have to complete the legal requirements.  The symbolic ceremony is very similar to a legal ceremony, and your guests will not even know the difference. But you must then have a Legal Ceremony in the United States before or after the destination ceremony.

Yes you can! “One Love” is an expression of unity and inclusion. We happily help ALL couples find a destination to celebrate their union.

We understand that there are challenges involved for LGBTQ couples.  Every Country has its own legalities. One Love Destination Weddings will help you to navigate the legal requirements whether you want to pursue a Civil ceremony or a Symbolic ceremony,  so that you can feel safe and welcomed in your chosen destination.

Yes! Many resorts now have Catholic chapels right on the property. The chapels are beautiful and unique, and some even offer ocean views! Additional paperwork will be required to satisfy the Catholic church requirements. 

One Love Destination Weddings will collect a $500 Deposit for all wedding groups.  This deposit will be applied to your room balance.  It is payable by credit card, and is non-refundable should you decide to cancel the wedding.

One year in advance is a good time to secure your wedding date and send the booking details to your guests. However, we have planned weddings from 6 Months to 2 years in advance. You’ll need to give your guests enough notice to plan their vacation time and make payments towards their vacation.

Hotels DO sell out, so it’s recommended that your guests book sooner rather than wait until the last minute.

Plus, you will need time for planning and budgeting all of your various events at your wedding destination.

Absolutely not!  Your One Love Destination Wedding Specialist will take care of your guests’ travel arrangements, including- hotel accommodations, airfare, and transportation between airport and hotel. We can even arrange private tours and excursions.

We will be the full contact for all of your wedding guests from the time of booking until travel is complete.

Our goal is to take away the stress of planning a wedding abroad, so you can look forward to a fun, memorable vacation with your family and friends!

Each resort has its own wedding package selections that range from Complimentary to several thousand.  You can choose the package that works best for your budget, tastes, and wedding size. You can even build your own à la carte.

Our preferred resorts have experienced wedding planners onsite. They will assist with all of the details during the planning process and make sure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day.

You typically will meet with the wedding coordinator at least once upon arrival to the hotel to go over the last-minute details.

If you are interested in having Jenn Carr accompany your group, please inquire for more details.