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Kristy Hall

Director of Operations

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610.296.6363 ext. 101


Where I’ve been:

Canada; Mexico; Costa Rica; Belize; Panama; UAE; Malaysia; Singapore; Thailand; Cambodia; Vietnam;  India; Jordan; Israel; Japan; China; Turkey; Greece; France; Italy; UK; Ireland; Germany; Czech Republic; Switzerland; Malta; Spain; Morocco; South Africa; Zimbabwe; Botswana; South Africa; Zambia; The Netherlands; Belgium; St Lucia, St. Martin; Aruba; DR; Bahamas; Turks & Caicos; Dominica; Jamaica

Favorite trip I’ve ever planned for a client:

 Gorilla Trek in Africa

If I had an unlimited travel budget…

I would repeat a 6 month round the world backpacking trip I did in my late 20’s but this time I would do it in much nicer hotels!

My Top 5 Favorite Destinations I’ve Traveled to:

  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Petra, Jordan
  • Dominica
  • India
  • Malaysia

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