Why a Travel Agent Is Better Than a Travel Site

After hours and hours of Internet searching and scouring reviews, you’ve finally found the perfect trip at the lowest price on a travel discount site, you click Purchase…and then what? What if you have questions about transportation from the airport to the resort? Or you aren’t sure if the resort accepts U.S. currency? Or, once you arrive, you end up next to a very noisy neighbor, or learn that the kids’ activities you thought would be available are nowhere to be seen? If you book through a travel site, the likelihood of any of these questions or issues being handled is slim to none. But if you opt to plan your excursion with the expert guidance of a travel agency, like The Tropical Travelers, you are guaranteed an unforgettable and worry-free travel experience.

The Tropical Specialists at The Tropical Travelers have decades of travel know-how—they have visited the hotels and resorts (in most cases multiple times), slept in the beds, sampled the restaurants and dipped their toes in the crystal blue waters. They will match you with the best possible destination and be there with you every step of the way throughout the entirety of your trip—there is no issue too big or small for the Tropical Specialists to resolve in a speedy and effective manner. Additionally, the relationships the Tropical Specialists have cultivated through the years with tour operators and hoteliers enable them to offer exclusive prices and rare perks to their clients. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a honeymooner or part of a large family reunion group, going with a proven travel agency over a faceless travel site is easily the better choice.

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