Bahamas – Honeymoons

In the Bahamas, discover a spectacular chain of hundreds of islands, each with its own distinctive charms and striking geography.

There’s Paradise Island, where world-class resorts line vibrant beaches teeming with evening activities. Nassau is a bustling city, while nearby Cable Beach is a two-mile stretch of stunning coastline where plenty of fun is to be found.

In contrast, the Out Islands of the Bahamas offer a more secluded, sheltered experience. And Grand Bahama Island is a dazzling beauty with ecological marvels and endless pursuits.

Romance abounds on the stunning beaches of this archipelago. Explore coral reefs, turquoise waters and pristine beaches together. At night, dine on authentic Bahamian cuisine while watching tranquil, colorful sunsets. Visit a local bar and listen to traditional Goombay, Junkanooor Rake & Scrape music or New York style nightclub.

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