9 Turks & Caicos Resorts for Every Budget

9 Turks & Caicos Resorts for Every Budget

For the Budget-Minded Traveler Bring your family to an affordable tropical vacation at one of these beautiful budget-friendly, kid-friendly resorts.

  1. Royal West Indies: Grace Bay Beach location, spacious suites, kiddie pools
  2. The Alexandra: All-inclusive, sparkling pools, family-oriented
  3. Ports of Call: Newly renovated rooms, easy access to beach, boutique on site


For the Adult Traveler Enjoy the sun and fun at one of these exquisite resorts in the breath-taking islands of Turks and Caicos. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

  1. The Somerset: Grace Bay Beach located, gorgeous suites, spacious pools
  2. Beach House: Fantastic beach décor, authentic food
  3. Blue Haven: Spacious, with modern décor, lounge-y atmosphere, market on site


For the Luxurious Traveler Pamper yourself and that special someone at one of these magnificent resorts. Better get packing!

  1. Grace Bay Club: Gorgeous, spacious suites, amazing food and drink, outstanding service
  2. The Palms: Breathtaking landscape and beaches, elegant, spectacular food, best spa on the island
  3. Seven Star: Several dining options, upscale liquor, top-of-the-line


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